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Budget 2018 – Mental Health

Budget 2018 – Mental Health

Budget 2018 rating for its contribution to Mental Health and Addiction: C+

Losing marks for:

– Not stating whether some of the money for DHBs will be ringfenced for mental health and addictions, but saying that the DHB funding allocation will ‘trickle down’ to mental health and addictions.

– Giving absolutely no details on the youth mental health integrated pilot for 18-25 year olds except that it is taken from the Green Party policy and that it will be ‘based on a UK model’.

Gaining marks for:

– Housing first initiatives getting a boost and specifically mentioning providing supported housing for mental health and employment services.

– Family and sexual violence services getting more support considering its widespread effect on New Zealand as a significant contributor to mental health.

Needs more work:

– Primary healthcare, it is not clear if this is for business as usual or for additional support for mental health and addictions interventions in primary care settings.

– Sexual Abuse Assessment and Treatment Services Funding, this is provided through ACC and it would be great if this was available to people going through sensitive claims as well.

Full details of the 2018 Budget can be found here –

Changing Minds will be interested to see how the budget for 2019/2020 will look after the Mental Health and Addiction Inquiry panel give their recommendations to Government at the end of 2018.

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