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Changing Minds Mad Hatters Tea Party

Come join us to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week and indulge in some sweet treats, fancy hat swapping and backyard tea drinking!

Kicking off at 2pm on a sunny Wednesday afternoon. We would like to take this opportunity to raise awareness of all the different hats we wear in our every day lives and appreciate that sometimes all the hats at once can be a little overwhelming.

We would like to celebrate you and all the struggle bubbles you may have been in throughout life. Let us pour you some delightful flavoured tea, ply you with sweet afternoon baking treats and dress you up in some amazingly mad hats!

If you make your own hat to bring, you go in the draw to win a prize, so if you have a little time and like getting crafty – make your own hat!

Want to run your own Mad Hatters Tea Party?

We all wear many different hats in our lives, from mother, brother, sibling to colleague, learner, teacher. Sometimes wearing so many hats can become a little overwhelming and make us feel like we are a little mad. Let’s celebrate just how many hats we wear and how great a job we do by wearing so many of them at once. Join us to break down some myths around mental health by talking about it and finding out just how similar we all are.

To host your own Mad Hatters Tea party simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to put this address in your URL:
  2. Register your individual supporter page choosing Changing Minds as your charity.
  3. Search for Mad Hatters Tea Party and ask to join as a team member
  4. Share the URL (link to the page) on your Facebook Page and any groups you are in on Facebook.
  5. Start planning the party using Facebook events

Get in touch with our team if you have any questions!

Another RadNotBad story is available on the Mental Health Foundation's website (if you have not already read it!). 23-year-old plumber Caleb Ihaia first experienced mental distress in his last few years at high school, and then again at university when he couldn’t shake the feeling that people were gossiping about him. “I was feeling this negativity, this worry, this anxiety… I kept thinking that I just wasn’t good enough, or weird. That feeling got harder and harder to ignore.”
Read about Caleb's experience of anxiety and depression, the challenges he faced, how he learned to seek help and open up - and how his family and friends helped him through.
Caleb is #RadNotBad |

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The summer break could be the perfect time for a digital detox. Why not take on the All Right? challenge and ditch your devices? That doesn't mean swearing off technology for good. It’s simply a chance to take a break, do something fun and find the balance that feels just right. Check out the tips and resources: ...

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It has been a big week for Changing Minds as we've worked through all your feedback from the survey about the Mental Health and Wellbeing Commission Bill.
Ours thanks to everyone who responded!!
Our submission was lodged today and is available to view online:

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Changing Minds took time out at our Christmas brunch today to farewell three valued team members - Boni, Tamara and Dana - who are leaving us to go on to exciting new adventures! We would love to keep their energy, enthusiasm and creative spirits with us for longer, but we can't hold them back, so we wish them all the best with much aroha from us all! 💕 😍 We also welcome Brontë who will be project lead for Rākau Roroa and Cate who is joining the team as communications specialist. ...

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Haven is a new after-hours, pop-up support space at Lifewise Merge Cafe on Auckland's K'Rd.
It’s a safe, warm space if you are having a rough time after using, if you are feeling distressed, or you just want to feel less alone.
Drop-in and take some time out. Peers from addiction, mental health and homeless services will be on hand if you need them.
Haven is open Friday 6pm-10pm, Saturday 10am-10pm and Sunday 10am-7pm
Haven is supported by Lifewise, Odyssey House, and Mind and Body (Emerge Aotearoa).

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Please help Tall Tree Gayleen Maurice and the Friends of Waiatarau bring some joy and sense of caring to residents who find themselves in a mental health facility away from whānau and friends during the Festive Season.
Gayleen is collecting, wrapping and delivering Christmas gifts and would love your contributions. Items up to the value of $10 would be warmly accepted. Items of lesser value will be added together for the gift.
Suggestions include - Chocolate Santas, Large 5xxx-6xxx tee-shirts, stress balls and hacky sacks, slinky's, packs of playing cards....also shampoo/conditioner/ deodorant , shower gel, makeup wipes, small pad and pens, afro combs, tooth brushes/paste, men's safe shaving razors and creams are welcome, as they go into special Care Packs for those entering a facility without the basic necessities for a stay. [Nothing that is likely to bring offence or can harm anybody can be accepted.]
If you have a small gift, send Gayleen a personal message and she will organise pickup.

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The Government Bill to establish a New Zealand Mental Health and Wellbeing Commission passed its first reading in Parliament on November 19, with support from all political parties. Changing Minds will be making a submission to the Mental Health Commission and will also request the opportunity to provide oral evidence as the Bill progresses through the legislative process.
We are keen to reflect the views of our networks on the Bill and would appreciate you taking the time to answer the our survey - which should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete.
We are working within a very tight timeframe, so need responses by 5pm on Sunday December 1 2019. We will collate the responses and share our submission on the Changing Minds website. 👇Find the survey here 👇

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On 6 November, 72 graduates from our Rākau Roroa programme gathered at Auckland's Whoa Studios to kōrero about how they could use their lived experience as a force for change in Aotearoa.
Along with workshops and media training (from broadcasters Greg Ward and Mary Lambie) which boosted their confidence in safe storytelling, our Tall Trees enjoyed connecting and celebrating each others' achievements at a special red carpet event in the evening. For many, it was the first time they had met face-to-face.
One of the most magical outcomes was seeing how tangibly joyful and inspired everyone was. Ideas for new projects were sparked and although so many don't feel that what they are doing is important, their stories and the work they are doing in their communities is simply incredible.
Go to to watch our video of the day and immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring event.

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Welcome to Saturday! We have a lovely offer from Brooke O'Neill, author of Spiders, Vampires and Jail Keys book 📖 (which we mentioned last weekend). She would like people to know her book is going to be FREE to download on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday (24, 25 & 26 November). All you need to do is download the Kindle app (if you don't already have it) and get the book off Amazon. Thank you Brooke 🤗
Download the free Kindle app:
Download Spiders, Vampires and Jail Keys:

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Art therapy is finally being taken seriously as a tool for boosting health. It’s taken fifty years for the idea that art could be used as medicine to catch the attention of the World Health Organization (WHO). In a new report, WHO reviewed the results of over 900 art therapy-related studies, and noted that all together, art really does influence mental and physical health.

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The Mental Health Foundation shares another RadNotBad story - this week's is from Kelly Wilson Huch.
Kelly first experienced anxiety as a young teen, but “didn’t know what it was at the time. It was just little things, like my eyes would shake if I got into trouble, or I’d get heart palpitations.”
She attempted suicide when she was 13 but instead of treatment, she “got a hiding. That’s a very Pacific thing. We’re Christians and you don’t do that – that’s considered the biggest sin.”
Kelly’s experiences didn’t improve without support. She kept knocking on doors and finally found the help she needed – in the very first building where she had first reached out for help.
Kelly’s really glad she kept trying to access services, but is worried that some Pasifika find it difficult to push back when doctors or professionals turn them away. She wants them to know they deserve help, too.
Kelly is #RadNotBad
Read her unique story to see how she is challenging myths and stereotypes around mental distress, and why she sees talanoa, or conversation, as the way forward for her people.

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"I was going about my business in the world. I was living what I thought was a normal human experience. I had a job. I had a husband. I had my own home. I had a loving family and a bunch of great friends. Then life threw me a curve ball. Overnight, I became what many would call insane. During the difficult journey that has followed, not one of my friends or family has walked away and said it's all too hard. For this I am truly grateful."
Brooke O'Neill (who works at Ember Korowai Takitini) was first diagnosed with depression aged 12; from that point illness and discrimination were never far away. Her brutally honest Spiders, Vampires and Jail Keys book about her experience of bipolar disorder is available as an Amazon e-book A ten per cent donation will be given to the Mental Health Foundation from every purchase to support other people living with mental health disorders.

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Just want to say - Happy World Kindness Day! It's not too late to help make kindness the norm in your school, neighbourhood & workplace! Resources and more | 👇 ...

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Looking for a new summer activity? Why not try surfing for mental health 🏄🏄‍♂️🏄‍♀️ with Restoke - a not-for-profit organisation based in Piha. Founder Hayden Thorpe says when he gets on a surfboard, he feels alive. He wants to help others capture that feeling as well, and maybe alleviate mental distress in the process.
Watch |

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Huge shout-out to all generous donors and sponsors of our Growing Tall Trees hui last Thursday. Thank you so much for your support - we couldn't have done it without you! 🌳👍👇
William Buck New Zealand, Kings Seeds, Countdown Supermarkets,The Story Board (Tanya, Michael and Ryan), Tatiana Harper Photography, Whoa Studios, Greg Ward Media Training - NZ, Socius Media Training and Media Consultancy (Mary Lambie), Health Promotion Agency, Frozen Funds Charitable Trust, Like Minds, Like Mine, Stewart Allan, Huia Hamon, Rob Mokaraka, Anne Bateman (and the givealittle fundraiser), The Collective AND everyone that donated to Changing Minds givealittle page 😍😊

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Thank-you Juliette Sivertsen - journalist and Tall Tree - for giving us your thought-provoking and wonderful podcast series, 'Just Listen', over the past week😍 We have listened to (and read) stories about PTSD, grief, depression, OCD, psychosis and anxiety disorder.
Subscribe to the podcast series to listen to all the episodes
Read the stories at NZ Herald

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Rakau Roroa Project Manager, Tamara, [aka Nurturer of Tall Trees] spoke with Sheldon Brown from Planet FM's Take it from Us on Tuesday (29 Oct) about the programme and the 100 wonderful ambassadors around NZ. Hop online and listen to what she has to say just before our Growing Tall Trees hui 🎤👂🌳| ...

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"When I have the energy to get in the saddle it gives me a reprieve from the relentlessness of depression," says Rākau Roroa Tall Tree Helen King. Read her story ...

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A worrying survey by The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand and Xero was released this week that showed 40% of Kiwi small business owners feel running a small business impacts negatively on their mental health, while another 40% don't feel responsible for their staff's wellbeing.
Listen to the Radio NZ interview

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“Be unapologetic about who you are,” says Toni, who first experienced the mental health system when she was 25. Toni is #radnotbad. Read her powerful story and find out about her full scholarship to Yale ...

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