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Wellbeing Manifesto For Aotearoa New Zealand

Wellbeing Manifesto for Aotearoa New Zealand

PeerZone and ActionStation are leading an open submission to the Government Inquiry into Mental Health and Addiction. The full submission is called The Wellbeing Manifesto for Aotearoa New Zealand.

The submission calls for the biggest system change for people with mental distress and addiction in the history of New Zealand, to give them open access to a full menu of services. It’s time we had a system where no-one who seeks help is turned away and everyone is offered more than medication.

Mary O’Hagan led the preparation of the submission and has consulted with many people over the last few months to refine and improve it. There is a groundswell of support for fundamental change in mental health and addiction and the government that has said nothing is off the table.

We have a rare opportunity to be part of a world-leading transformation. More of the same will not fix the problem but open access to a full menu of services will improve wellbeing and save lives. Together, we can help to make it happen.

To read the summary and sign up go to the ActionSation sign up page.

To read or download the full submissionThe Wellbeing Manifesto for Aotearoa New Zealand, go to the Wellbeing Manifesto website.

Visit the Wellbeing Manifesto Facebook page.

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