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Whāriki Hauora

Among many other projects and programmes, Changing Minds administrates “Whāriki Hauora”, a self-funded performing arts professional support initiative which provides confidential wellbeing peer-support to all those who work professionally in the performing arts, in front of, or behind the scenes.

The initiative was born in collaboration with Mental Health and Performing Arts Industry professionals who wanted to do something tangible about the loss of so many performers and crew to suicide. By engaging with companies and venues (including Actors Equity, The Auckland Theatre Company, Mind and Body Consultants, the Comedy Guild, Te Pou Theatre and Taurima Vibes) the initiative can promote wellbeing and help-seeking behaviours.

“Whariki Hauroa” is accessed by self-referral, and donation, takes into consideration the unique challenges of the industry and provides one on one guided support for mental health and/or addiction challenges.


Weaving the foundation of wellbeing for the Performing Arts

Whāriki Hauora is a partnership between experts in well-being and people who work in the performing arts. Administrated independently by ‘Changing Minds’ and a volunteer steering group, we are committed to opening honest conversations about improving wellbeing within our industry, preventing suicide, connecting people together, sharing resources and promoting initiatives and events that raise awareness of these issues.


Whariki Hauora is a public page on Facebook where you can be connected with others in the industry to listen, offer or seek support without judgement.

We also have teamed up with ‘Mind and Body’ to offer confidential, subsidised professional mental health peer-support sessions for people working within the performing arts sector who may be struggling or could just do with a bit of extra support right now

100% of funds donated through our Give a Little Page go directly towards providing anonymous and independent mental health peer support for people who need it.


Whāriki Hauora Support Sessions are anonymous and self-referring. If you would like to make an appointment to talk to someone, please contact Mind and Body on (09) 630 5909 ext. 821 (Auckland) or (03) 377 1818 ext. 851 (Christchurch) and mention that you would like to access the Whāriki Hauora/ Wellbeing in Performance fund for Peer Support Sessions. *At this stage these sessions are only available in Auckland or Christchurch but this may change


You will need to pay a small amount towards your session,  You will also need to demonstrate that you are an active member of the performance industry (performer, crew or other) by bringing support documentation to your first session. The Whāriki Hauora fund will pay for the rest. If you require more than 6 sessions, your peer support worker will apply on your behalf for a further 2 sessions while they help you to get a referral to your choice of fully funded Mental Health or Addiction services.


Whāriki Hauora will only know how many people have accessed these sessions, and how many sessions were used. Your personal details or reasons are confidential.  Whariki Hauroa will also be informed of any particular themes that surface across the service as a whole that may need addressing by the industry with education or awareness.


We need donations to be able to support everyone who needs help. Think outside the square about how you as an individual, group or organisation might contribute. Hold a fundraiser, donate x number of seats, a % of profits or an extra dollar or two to your ticket price.

Donate at  100% goes directly towards anonymous  Performing Industry 1:1 Support sessions.

You can also go to our Facebook page to connect with others, be a “Buddy” or add your details, skills, business, event or advice to our “Notes” pages.

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